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Piet Pretorius of the Western Cape branch has produced a number of books called “The Morris Minor 1000
South African Specifications Manual. These are comprised of one for 948 cc 2 door and 4 door saloons, another
for the Traveller and the third for the Pick Up and Panel Vans. He has kindly donated one of each of his books
to each of the branches in the country and if any Club Member wants to buy one, he will have them delivered at
R 50.00 per book. The purpose of the books is to enlighten new and existing members of the details pertaining to
their vehicles.

You can contact Tommy Smith, our Chairman, should you require a copy and he will collate the orders.
Any comments about the manuals should be formally sent to him and he will pass this on to Piet.


We would like take this opportunity of thanking the clubs affiliated to SAVVA for their contributions and
suggestions that they would like to have addressed with Government: –

A meeting was held on Monday 12th October in Durban, where we have taken all the
recommendations / suggestions and gone through them to compile a comprehensive list for Jack Clough to present
to NDoT for their agenda – the meeting was planned for 28th November 2009. Due to unforeseen circumstances the
meeting had to be cancelled and has been arranged for February 2010.

In the meantime, SAMCA has completed a similar investigation with their members and between the issues from
SAVVA and SAMCA, Jack Clough has tentatively arranged for us to meet with the Chairperson of NDoT to discuss
the proposed issues and suggestions which is to be placed on the Agenda at the next meeting. You will note
that we refer to our vehicles as Heritage Vehicles as in Government circles the wording of Heritage is more
acceptable, so it is felt that we should use this terminology.

There are a number of Clauses within the Act that already cover a range of concerns e.g. Roadworthy to period
of vehicle, exemption of Safety Belts, Indicators, Reflectors and motorcycles lights etc. However the
recommendations that were received from the SAVVA Clubs are as follows:-

The issue of Special Licence’s may fall away in some of the Provinces and should this be the case,
it is imperative that we make recommendations to address this portion of the Act. It has been suggested that in
place of an S licence, we try and have a H licence  Heritage Vehicles or C licence.  Collector vehicles.
The other problem seems to be that each Province has a different charge for the present S licence. E.g. Gauteng
on average is R81.00, KZN on average R128.00.

We would like to suggest that the original act be re-visited as per the exemption when Vintage vehicles 40 years
and older were eligible for a FREE licence. Should this not be possible, at the very least a minimum fee be
charged across the board on a National level.

To raise the awareness of the roadworthiness of vehicles should the MOT be instituted; to suggest that
additional inspectors be trained. Perhaps this could be arranged through SETA which would increase the awareness
of Heritage Vehicles and their operation as per the date of the particular vehicle. A suggestion has been initiated
that vehicles 40 years and older be exempt in respect of roadworthiness. Vehicle testing must still be in
accordance to the year of manufacture as is presently the case.

Number plates  there is an act that has been passed to change number plates to a regulated size
of 500 cm. This will be a problem for many of our Heritage Vehicles as there is no place for this length of
plate on the body, so we wish to make an application giving exemption to the vehicles prior to 1980.

The process of registering a Heritage Vehicle onto the system can take anything from 7 days to 2 years.
This process needs to be given priority within the Government Department and Heritage Vehicles should not be
classified the same as stolen vehicles. The situation of restored and/or refurbished Heritage Vehicles should
be separated from stolen or rebuilt vehicles.

The Police Clearance Certification is another area that needs to be rectified. On the whole, a number
of previous issues have been sorted, but we now have concerns with the re-registering of a vehicle, as often
numbers seem to be duplicated with another vehicle – resulting in additional / new numbers being given to the
Heritage Vehicles. In certain instances, SAPs has been accommodating in that they will allow you to add a brass
or aluminium plate on which they stamp the new number which can be affixed to the vehicle. This is not happening
in all Provinces and once again needs to be addressed.

It has also been suggested that in negotiations, the duties on imported tyres for the older Heritage
Vehicles be considered to be scrapped, or a considerably lower duty be levied. This however may need to be
referred to another of the Government Departments, namely Customs.

The above items are what we hope to discuss with NDoT as soon as possible in order to move things along and make
the situation easy flowing between individuals, institutions and Government. Should there be any other
developments, we will keep the Chairpersons of the Clubs informed of the progress or lack thereof.

Thank you to those individuals and clubs who did supply information, if you have any additional info you wish to
pass onto us, please don’t hesitate to contact any one of the SAVVA – Registration Sub-Committee members below.
Peter Hall : Vice Chairman SAVVA Jack Clough. KZN Dave Alexander. CT:  Koos de Beer. Free State: TBA


By definition, the MMOC is partaking in Motor Sport and this is internationally governed by FIA. It is therefore
necessary that the MMOC be affiliated to them, directly or indirectly.

MSA – Motor Sport South Africa, an organisation which is the governing body of all motor sport in
Southern Africa and which is affiliated to FIA. This includes SAVVA members/affiliated clubs with their
affiliation to MSA and FIA.

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