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Tel.: (C) 073 625 1052
(H) 011 425 1039.

Morris Minor Parts
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Cell: 0833089840

Please note that parts are only available to registered Club Members! If you are not yet a member, but would like to join, please contact your local club chairman.


Regalia is the decorations or insignia indicative of an office or membership of royalty, an association or club.

These items are currently available for members to view and buy (depending on stock availability) at Club gatherings:

These items are currently available for members to view and buy (depending on stock availability) at Club gatherings:

Regalia Items Price
Club Caps TBA
Golf Shirt: 2010 National Rally (Mens & Ladies) R40.00
Golf Shirt: 60th Anniversary / 2008 National Rally (Unisex) R40.00
Formal style shirt in various options R170.00
Part No. Item
280 Gearbox filler cover
401 A Frame Sealing Strip
402 2 Door side rear window
403 1/4 light vertical window seal
405 Boot lid seal pre 1955
406 Rear 1/4 light seal 4 door
407 Bonnet lid seal
408 Seal underdoor J
411 Side inspection cover gasket
412 Upper front suspension bush
414 Fender to body PVC seal
415 Lower front SUS bush
418 Rubber bonnet stop
419 Accelerator pedal rubber
420 Brake and cluth pedal rubber
421 Engine steady arm rubbers
427 Dash Buffer
428 Tappet cover grommet
42 Blind grommet floorboard steering rack
32 Gease and brake nipple covers
395 Headlight seal Outer chrome strip
396 Main headlight seal
429 Chassis to gearbox bush
431 Stabiliser arm bush
433 Front grille to fender rubber
434 Front swivel pin rubber
435 Rear spring rubber
436 Windscreen wiper motor grommet
p Bottom inner rubber
T Traveller and pick-up roof rubber
R Pick up and panel van rubbers
- Boot stay rubber
PAN 109 W Strips
9M 234 Timing chain oil seals
429 SA G/B to chassis
COM 118 Gearbox bush
COM 116 Relay shaft spring
9M 288 O Rings
9M 294 Rubber bonnet stop
RBK 107 R brake cyl rubbers
9M 239 Side cover bush
SUS 434 Rubber trunion
SUS 156 Rubber trunion
FBK 107 Rubber trunion
WWM 107 Screws door handle
FUG 143 Carb to manifold gaskets
DCH 102 2 Door slides
TRM 121 Clips
8 M 149 Rubbers timing chain
- Tailpipe
- Down Pipe
- Silencer Round
- top radiator hose
- bot radiator hose
- silencer
- rubber pick-up
- 433 rubber