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Owners' Club


A very hearty welcome to our new members:

Janet & Derek Verrier are new members who live in Sundowner to the north of Johannesburg. They have a cream 1960 2 door Minor.

We hope your membership brings you and your family a wonderful and rewarding experience with us. Please remember that you are not
obliged to arrive at outings in your Minor. If it is being repaired or restored, please join us in "modern tin” and enjoy the
friendship of our Club members.

At the time of writing, we have 103 registered members for the 2010/2011 year.


We are sorry to hear that Pat Shaw-Gray has been diagnosed with throat cancer. We hope and pray that she will recover to
full health again. Boyd Brockman hasn’t been too well lately and we were pleased to see him at the August outing.


To Terence and Noeleen Redmond, on behalf of the whole Morris Minor Club we would like to express our deepest
sympathies to you and your family following the dramatic loss of Terence’s mom in the devastating fire at the old age home.

All our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family at this sad and difficult time. Terence’s mom passed
away in the terrible fire that destroyed a section of the old age home in Dunnottar a few weeks ago.


If you move from your present address, or change your contact details in any way, PLEASE contact Lenette Klopper,
our new Membership Manager on 082 565 4678 or email her at or Tommy Smith on 083 308 9840 or
email him at or George Bowen on (082) 483 2029 or email him at to advise your new details.

I got home from Russia yesterday, 22nd August after a life changing experience after climbing Mount Elbrus (5 642 m) the
highest peak in Europe. I was on the mountain for 5 days and we had around 40 cm of snowfall every night,
in temperatures that dropped to minus 20° every night. It was also quite weird walking around Red Square and the Kremlin.
We had a great trip and visited Cairo and the Pyramids on the way home.

And now the old Morris needs a run!! (George Bowen).

Marjory and I are beginning to get our breath back, having returned just ten days ago from our very extensive seven week adventure in Australia.

First of all, we want to say how much we have missed not being able to attend any of the recent functions due to a variety of reasons.
Simply let us say that life has been quite hectic for we octogenarians, but we have survived everything and are fit and well.
We send the Club and the Committee our good wishes and hope to see you folk at one of the future gatherings.

Now, a little about our Australian adventure. We flew off on Friday, 11th June to the accompaniment of the bedlam and noise of the
opening ceremony of the World Cup, trans-shipping at Sydney Airport to another flight to Brisbane. We spent seven very enjoyable days with friends, including two nights with Neville, Laura and Stacey. They seem to have settled down quite well, although Laura is still without permanent employment. Neville keeps quite busy and Stacey is obviously doing very well at school. We then flew onto Melbourne for three weeks with our family, including the celebration of another 80th birthday.

Our next stop was Sydney for two weeks, where we had quality time with a number of long-standing friends. We hired a car for a
week and drove up to Blue Mountains to stay overnight with friends, very active members of the Morris fraternity. Robert has been the
local secretary of the Morris Register in New South Wales and has accumulated a vast collection of data and photos of all kinds of Morris vehicles, including an extensive record of Morris Minors. He owns one himself. This is a special production vehicle that was imported from the United Kingdom some years ago and is in very good condition. During a drive, Rob demonstrated its flexibility over the mountain roads in the area.

We also had a fascinating trip on the Zig-Zag Railway which was recently brought back into action as a tourist attraction. When buying our tickets, I was greeted with the words "Gooie middag Meneer. Waar vandaan kom U dan?” The weather was cool and I was wearing my Bloemfontein Rally wind-cheater. Our friend was the fireman on the previous run of the train and was doing inspector duty on the next run.

From Sydney, we travelled on the Indian Pacific Train to Perth via Adelaide. The four-day adventure was a wonderful experience as we stopped for several hours in Broken Hill, being taken on a two-hour conducted Bus Tour of the interesting mining town. Although we spent several hours in Adelaide, we did not see the city, as the station was some way out of the town. I was interested in all the shunting being done,
ending up with a train of 27 coaches, each of which was about a third bigger than those on our S.A. Railways.
The train was hauled by a single Diesel-Electric Unit over the FLAT/FLAT countryside all the way to Perth.

Finally, we spent a week travelling in the fascinating south-western part of the country, which is very famous for the fantastic number of Wineries
and very big tall trees all the way down to Albany, which is such an interesting coastal city. After all this, we flew off from Perth, leaving just
before midnight local time and arriving at ORT before dawn, local time.

PHEW – That was some tour! Now we have to settle back to normality. We hope to see our MMOC friends again one of these days, but unfortunately will not be at the Week-end Away. (Craig Stacey).


Harry Meintjes has recently sold his Pick-Up to a collector. We hope that the new owner joins the Club. The vehicle came to South Africa
from Zimbabwe and joins the other "rare breed” of Pick-Ups in South Africa. As could be seen from the table presented in the last magazine,
only 21 Pick-Ups were ever assembled in South Africa.

I’ll add a little update on our ‘59 Morris. It has been stripped bare; the engine has been doctored by Aldo; the paint job has started,
so look out for a stunningly beautiful grey Morris with a red interior!!!!! A big thank you to all the members who offer their advice and
assistance so readily. Having been involved in various old car clubs over many, many years, the Morris Minor
Club and its members outshine all others.
(Vince, Nina and Tracy Felgate).

The following Minors are at Mike Del Frate’s workshop in Benoni.
The finishing touches are being put to Karol & Pauline Jarozynski’s Minor.

Piet van der Merwe’s 1957/8 "1000” 4 door is nearing completion. They are waiting for the chrome work.

Roy Malcolm’s Minor is in the final stages of its total refurbishment.

Ismail Hazarvi has brought in his 1954 splitscreen 2 door Minor for a total bodywork refurbishment.

Mike is still working on the Alfa.


"You meet the nicest people in a Morris Minor!”


The July outing at the Eden Retirement Village in Benoni took place on a most enjoyable sunny day for this time of the year.
It was an opportunity to meet some of the "locals" and to let them reminisce of times gone-by, when some of them or their family
members bought and loved Morris Minors.
John Webb was posted to do "gate duty". He was armed with a remote to control the entrance gate and he parked his green Minor outside the gate, so that all would know exactly where to enter the complex.

The event was nicely supported by our members. Some of our East Rand MMOC members welcomed the fact that this meeting was being
held close to "their" neck-of-the-woods.

A short speech of welcome was made by Mike Del Frate, who then introduced us to one of the residents. He, in turn, also welcomed us and thanked us for bringing our Minors to show the residents, who enjoyed examining our cars.

A very nice braai followed in lovely winter sunshine, with the usual chatter and exchange of news. Some folks were even heard discussing the
topic of Morris Minors!!

We had 13 Morries, 1 MG and a few modern tin vehicles entertaining the old folk and a good time was had by all.

The members present were Dave Smith, Tommy & Sharon Smith, Mike & Norma Del Frate John & Sharon Bedford, John & Colleen Bowes,
John Willcock & Friend, John Cheney, John Webb, Chris Spinks, Aldo & Joan Marcon, Terence & Noeleen Redmond, Ben de Goederen & Carol, Shawn Spaan, Willie van Zyl and Japie van Rooyen.

Apologies if anybody was left out. (Thanks to John Webb and Chris Spinks).


The Potted Morris Minor Garden, which just shows how immortal our little cars are right to the end. Still serving a cheerful
purpose and putting a smile on someone's face.


On a splendid spring morning, 35 members and families and friends made their way to the Mokoya Lodge for breakfast. For various
reasons, there were only 8 Minors, with modern tin making up the rest of the convoys. However, there was a Morris 1100, a Triumph
and a Lancia amongst these cars, so we did have a few, more older vehicles present.

Mokoya Lodge is nestled in the Magaliesberg, with picturesque views of the Magalies mountains. It is situated just over an hour’s
drive from both Pretoria and Johannesburg, so the Minors had a good run. The less said about the surface of the road for the last
kilometre, the better! However, the area is surrounded by magnificent scenery and it’s always a pleasure to travel in the area. T
he valley is well known for hot air ballooning.

They pitch the venue as both a place for wedding receptions, with its own garden chapel and accommodation for up to 36 people and
the ideal location for mountain bike getaways, with numerous trails. They also cater for hiking, golf, yoga, horse riding, abseiling
and rock-climbing.

They served a delicious breakfast in their Sweet Thyme restaurant and a good time was had by all. It was good to see faces only seen
now and again at our outings these days, such as Gary and Kyle Dodds, Boyd Brockman and the Lendrum family.

For those of you who did not attend the Cars-in-the-Park at Zwartkops on Sunday the 1st August, a very successful and enjoyable day
was had by all.

For those interested, the Mini celebrated its 51st birthday at the Zwartkops Raceway on the 28th August.



Our MMOC Committee extends to all members, their families and friends and prospective members, a cordial invitation to
attend all our outings, especially driving your Morris Minor!

If your Minor is under repair, please join us at our outings in "modern tin” instead of staying at home. We would love to see you there.

Dates have been provisionally set aside for our Club outings. Inevitably some last minute changes do occur, so if this happens,
our Events Co-ordinator, Alex Berry, will try his best to contact members. Please contact Alex on 072 446 9736, or Sara Harper
on 083 292 2518 or Willie van Zyl on 083 442 0287 or one of our Committee members before the outings, to make 100% sure of the details.

Our Planned MMOC Outings for the next few months are as follows:

10 - 12 Sep – Weekend away De Rust (near Kroonstad)
Sun. 17 Oct – Horse Gymkhana Kyalami
Sun. 28 Nov – End of Year Function


Sat. / Sun. 4/5 Sep – Wheels at the Vaal
Sat. 18 Sep – SAVVA AGM at VVC
Fri 24 Sep – Benoni Heritage Show – Rock Raceway Brakpan
Tue. / Sun. 28 Sep/3 Oct – Milligan Rally Eastern Cape
Sun. 24 Oct – Smuts House Wheels day - Studebaker Car Club


Sun. 19 Sep – National Swop Meet
Sun. 17 Oct – Motoring Memories Show
Sun. 21 Nov – German & Continental Cars, & Alfa Romeo Centenary
Sun. 19 Dec – Grande Finale Breakfast - Awards


Sun. 12 Sep at 14H00 Sun. 07 Nov at 14H00


Any opinions and suggestions presented in our MMOC magazine "Minor Headlines” do not necessarily reflect
the views of the Editor or the MMOC Committee. Each reader should weigh up for themselves the pros and cons of the
material presented and to make their own educated decisions thereafter. We cannot hold ourselves responsible in any way
for the consequences of these suggestions. This applies in particular to the Minor Helpline below and any other information or
suggestions in the magazine. The names of the listed service providers have been forwarded by various members or contacts who have
had good experiences with a particular service provider.


As stated on the Home Page of our Website and as offered by Tommy Smith to the other SA branches of the MMOC, we are envisaging
the inclusion of a link to the other MMOC branches so that the members from those branches and the general public may be able to deal
directly with them. To date, we haven’t received any further contact in this regard, so no links have been created.

If you have any suggestions for the website, please contact Frederick Wilson, our Website Master at

We had 660 unique visitors who visited our website 1039 times in June, 613 unique visitors who visited our website 857 times in July and, 636 unique visitors who visited our website 836 times in August.

Albert van Heerden and Lawson Flint have been asked to source sponsorship and advertising for the magazine and website.
So please contact Albert van Heerden at or,
if you can help them obtain sponsorship for the Club. Please also support our advertisers.



After much consideration and deliberation our Committee has made the following decisions:

The Rally will be held at the Willows Resort in Port Elizabeth from 18 March to 22 March 2012.
The Willows Resort is in the process of being upgraded and the work will have been completed by 2012.
In order to obtain the best possible rate from Willows, we need an 80 % occupancy of the resort.
The committee has thus decided that this will be a sleep-in rally. (i.e. everyone attending the rally will be accommodated at The Willows).

The Theme for the Rally is: "Under African Skies” – this leaves plenty of scope for your imagination with respect to the Fancy Dress Party;
Jan van Riebeeck, Julius Malema, or one of the Big 5, are just a few ideas (maybe not good ones).

As soon as detailed costing of the Rally has been finalised, this will be communicated to you. This is perhaps a timely
prompt for us all to diarise the dates of the 2012 Rally and to start a dedicated savings plan for March 2012.

For the Johannesburg Club, let’s see if we can beat our 2010 record of 21 Morris Minors attending a National Rally.
Before we have even started with the challenge, we know of 3 Morris Minors intending to go. More on this later.


Please ensure that the information provided on your application or renewal of membership form CLEARLY indicates
what Minors you own, including all letters and numbers. Chris Spinks’ database has grown from 726 to 730 Morris Minors
in South Africa since the last edition.

If you are not a member for any reason, kindly advise the details of your Minor for the national database.
If you do not have Chris Spinks’ e-mail address, please forward the info to Lenette Klopper, the Membership Manager
on, or, or and this will be passed on to Chris.


1959 - A year of change for the Morris Minor

Major changes took place in 1952, when the old Morris side-valve 918cc engine was replaced by Austin's A30 OHV unit of 803cc,
at the time of the merger between Morris (Nuffield) and Austin. This was the birth of the British Motor Corporation (BMC).

Minors fitted with the newer engine were referred to as Series II, whereas formerly they were identified as Series MM.

However there was another year when a whole host of changes to the Minor took place - that being 1959.

Some of these changes were as follows:-
1) Indicator switch now self-cancelling.
2) Horn button moves to centre of steering wheel.
3) Larger (deeper) parcel tray replaces shallow one.
4) Chrome edging on glove-box lids introduced, with vynide covered filler inside lids. Chromed holding stay fitted to lid on Passenger's side.
5) Boot-lid stay now longer and rubber holding catch replaces the metal clip.
6) HS2-type Carburettor now replaces H2 version.
7) Coopers 'tea-pot" dry air-filter replaces AC oil-bath type. Long studs for A-bracket support now removed.
8) Door switches now fitted for the roof lamp.
9) Red Stimsonite reflectors (SABS approved) fitted to rear bumper-valance on all Durban-assembled cars.
10) Hollowed-out gearbox cover allows more room for driver's left foot. Small triangular rubber mat fitted over hollow.
11) Rubber seal for boot now fitted to the lid, rather than onto the boot aperture.
12) Hole cut in wood of boot floor, immediately above valve on spare wheel (not seen on UK or Blackheath-assembled cars).
13) Longer, canted, gear-lever (actually introduced in 1958) replaces short stubby vertical lever.
14) On 4-door saloons, flat-back seats with squared-off edges replace the wrap-around curved-back seats.
15) On 4-door saloons, shorter, curved rear-inner door handles replace the former straight levers on back doors.
16) Smaller, rectangular Morris Motors chassis identification plates (under bonnet) replace former larger square plates.
17) New BMC numbering system of vehicles replaces the former Nuffield system (e.g. M/A 2S 3 etc replaces former FBH 55 etc. on 2 door saloons).

Phewww! Can't think of any more right now, but there might have been even more!

Minors continued with only one more change until 1962, with a combined inlet-exhaust manifold replacing the former split manifold.
Some small, mainly cosmetic, changes were made to the 948cc "facelift" models for its final year of production (loss of glove-box lids,
apertures for trafficators sealed, seat-belt mountings fitted, decimals on mileage counter etc).

In September 1962, the 1098cc engine replaced the 948cc unit in the UK and assembly of this model commenced in South Africa, sadly with
only 215 units assembled in Durban before the plug was pulled.


Please remember to give Purity baby food or your contribution to John Bedford so that he can pass them on to Cotlands, the charity
organisation our Club has chosen to support.


An interesting quote.

I'd rather be a could-be if I cannot be an are; because a could-be is a maybe who is reaching for a star. I'd rather be a has-been
than a might-have-been, by far; for a might-have-been has never been, but a has was once an are. - Milton Berle

Little Known Facts

¤ Morris Motors was once given the chance to buy the ailing German car maker Volkswagen, but they declined saying that the 'Beetle' wouldn't sell!
¤ The British band 'Madness' were once known as 'Morris and the Minors'. In the video for their hit song "Driving In My Car" they used a
Morris Minor convertible because the band used to transport their equipment in Mike's Morris Minor Van, so the Morris came up as an obvious choice.
¤ Another British band was known as 'Morris Minor and the Majors'. They had a semi-hit in the Eighties with a song called 'Stutter Rap',
the cover of which featured a Lowlite!
Morris Minor and the Majors was a band led by the comedian and writer Tony Hawks (not to be confused with the skater Tony Hawk).
They were made vaguely famous by their 1988 song, "Stutter Rap (No Sleep 'Til Bedtime)". The song aimed to parody the then
popular Beastie Boys.
The other two members were Rusty Wing and Phil Errup (real names Paul Boross (OR MAYBE Rusty Clover!) and Phil Judge).
It reached No. 4 in the UK Singles Chart, No. 14 in Canada and was a No. 2 hit in Australia. It sold over 220,000 copies,
but earned them the title ‘one-hit wonders’.
The Stutter Rap single had a joke B-side titled "Another Boring B-side", the lyrics of which parody the B-side itself of being
typically devoid of inspiration.

In Australia, they had a second charting single with "This Is the Chorus" (No. 22), which parodied Stock/Aitken/Waterman;
although it did not chart in the UK.

A TV series followed from this, Morris Minor's Marvellous Motors, written by and starring Hawks. In it the fictional bandleader
attempted to maintain his pop career while running a garage. It ran for one series in 1989.

¤ A computer game for the Sinclair Spectrum (remember those?) was called 'Morris Meets the Bikers'. The blurb on the packaging
read "From the distant constellation of Morris Minor comes Morris the intelligent little car with a big problem: Morris suffers
from claustrophobia! Abandoned in a multi-story car park (!) our tinplate hero must get out fast. The problem is that Phantom Kamikaze
Bikers from a distant galaxy are after him, and he only has his Magic Horn to protect himself."

¤ The plant Lyonia Lucida is also known as 'Morris Minor' (according to the New Ornamentals Society)

¤ 'Morris Minor' is an 'official' cat name (see the Catnames’ List).

Said a man of his small Morris Minor:
"For petting, it couldn't be finer;
But for love's consummation
A wagon called station
Would offer a playground diviner."


The 'Haunted' Minor (from 'The Derby Trader' 23/3/83)

A 19 year old Derby girl is giving away her car because of a terrifying experience which convinced her it was haunted.
Diane Wairnsley was thrilled when her father bought her an old Morris Minor at the end of 1981. It provided a little
extra incentive for her to pass her driving test - which she duly did last summer.
Then funny things began to happen. One night Diane and a group of friends were driving to Ockbrook when they heard a
knocking on the rear and side windows. Later there was a series of unexplained bumps and minor collisions. But it was an
incident last December that forced Diane to throw away the keys for good. "I was taking someone on a short trip down to Chaddesden
and coming back along Lime Grove about 7.15 pm when it happened. I felt a pair of hands grabbing my shoulders from the back seat,
firmly but not forcefully.
"I thought it was my younger sister who'd hidden on the journey and said: 'Stop it, Rachel, don't be silly ... not when I'm driving.'
I glanced round and there was no-one there", said Diane. "I felt awful and rushed home as white as a sheet. My hair was actually
standing up on the back of my head. I didn't think my dad would believe me but when he saw me, and realised how I felt, he did."
Diane said she decided immediately to give up the car. She has kept it in case her younger brother, who has yet to pass his test,
might want it. The car - registration JRY 367E - was purchased from a dealer in Alvaston at the end of 1981. He told the Trader:
"It had been standing in my yard a while. I had it from a chap in Burnaston who had bought it for his son but apparently his lad
had never got on with it and hardly touched it; I don't know why." Derbyshire police were unable to give any details of the
vehicle but referred inquiries to the Driver Vehicle Licensing Centre in Swansea where a spokesman said the history of the
car would be looked at.
If anyone knows anything about this car and its fascinating history, please get in touch.
The Getaway Car (from 'Weekend' magazine April 1983)

A friend had his 1961 Morris Minor stolen. A few weeks later a policeman from the station phoned and asked if he was
aware that his car had been used in a bank robbery.
"Wonderful!" my friend exclaimed, "To think that my 1961 Morris was used as a getaway car."
An impatient policeman replied, "It was not used as a getaway, it was used to block the road!"

Rules for Morris Minor Maintenance

Give her a good 'going over' at regular intervals
Grease her nipples well.
When running her in - break her in gently.
Her clutch should not be too ‘hairy’.
Wax her body all over.
If you should strike her rear-end - say 'sorry'.
Check her 'Load Bearing' capacity - too much weight can impede her performance.
If she loses her spark, she may be suffering from high tension troubles.
Never take her too fast up the 'straight'. Warm her up gently first.
Keep fingertip control at all times.
Her big ends should be kept well oiled.
Don’t leave your tool hanging about.
Give her a re-bore when necessary - and a good grind in.
If she sags when climbing, give her a boost and see if she's got any good points.
Check her body for blemishes and touch her up where necessary.
Remember - If you can't get it in first - Don't force it.

(Thanks to Frederick Wilson)

Perhaps "Phil Errup” from the article on Morris Minor and the Majors above should have been included! (Editor)

We look forward to seeing you at all of our outings.

Yours in a Morris,

Clive Surtees (Editor)