MORRIS MINOR OWNERS CLUB - Gauteng (Johannesburg)


Owners Club


A very hearty welcome to our new members:

Ben and Sue Calitz of Sonop in Pretoria have joined the Club in a maroon and black ’58 4 door "1000”.
Ben is going for a kidney op, so our thoughts are with you.

Since the last edition, Theo van Niekerk has signed on as a member of the Club after buying Mark Richardson’s

We still haven’t heard from Archie Campbell.

Finally, Don Walker made contact with the Club, so we have his contact details and hope to see him and his
family at our outings.

Andre and Lorraine Beetge from Crystal Park in Benoni have joined us in a green ’62 2 door Saloon.
Their Minor is undergoing restoration, so they have been attending outings in modern tin in the interim.

Mike and Moira Dickenson hail from the Blue Valley Golf Estate in Midrand. They have a ’59 4 door Saloon
which is due to be resprayed in ivory. It was previously owned by Sarel du Plessis from Aston Manor.
Before him it, was owned by Isaac & Claudine Isakow of Dowerglen, Edenvale.

Keisha Nel of Moreleta Park in Pretoria has become a member. She has a green ‘57 4 door "1000” which
was previously owned by Kobus & Petro Nel of Centurion. She was due to meet us at our Inyoni Creek outing,
but unfortunately was not able to make it.

Roy Hicks met up with us at the Swartkops Cars in the Park event and signed up with our Club. He owns a
faded blue/grey ’57 4 door saloon and belongs to other motoring Clubs as well.

Cobus and Verdi Bosch of Randpark Ridge are new members. They have a ’59 4 door saloon which is undergoing

Brits - Subs have been paid into the Club’s account in the name of Brits, but we don’t have the person’s details.
Please contact one of the Committee members to arrange for the receipt of your Application Form.

Kobus and Christa Beukes of Ravensklip have a ’60 orange 2 door saloon. That’s a new colour for the Club.

Marius and Antoinette Kapp come from Senekal in the Free State. They are owners of light yellow ’58 2 door saloon.
Seeing that they are halfway towards Worcester, they may join us for the National Rally next year.

Rudi and Francis Janssen of Parys in the Free State have a cream ’58 2 door Minor. It’s good to have new members
from the Free State.

Piet and Enid Roets of Centurion have a purple ’55 splitscreen 4 door saloon with a 948 cc motor and a
black ’59 4 door "1000” saloon.

Jannie Blignaut of Magalieskruin in Pretoria is the latest member to join our family.
He has a red ’62 4 door "1000” saloon.

Alice Linton has paid her subs for the year, but we are struggling to get details on her. Alice,
please make contact with Harry Meintjes so we can register you and send off the relevant membership card and
magazine etc.

Despite numerous attempts to find Richard Booth, who paid his subs into our account for last year, he has not
surfaced. Consequently, we can’t send magazines to him or his membership card or invite him to our outings.

The same as the above applies to Ben Nel of Hoopstad.

We hope your membership brings you and your families a wonderful and rewarding experience with us. Please
remember that you are not obliged to arrive at outings in your Minor. If it is being repaired or restored,
please join us in "modern tin” and enjoy the friendship of our Club members.

At this time, 103 members are paid up for 2009/2010. Well done to the Committee Members and Buddies for
following up on outstanding subs. That is a significant improvement on the last report.


Chris Grant has taken ill recently, had an operation to his back and arm and has been visiting the hospital
every second day for treatment. Let’s hope that by now he has recovered the full use of his arm.

To Sharon Bedford, whose father is ill and to Neil Bulley, whose mother has not been well for some time, our
thoughts are with you and your families.

To Joan Marcon who seems to be recovering well and to Heather Lawton and Mike Del Frate, we hope things are
going well with your health.

On a different note, two of our members have been attacked in their homes. Ken Hardwick and his family had
two incidents a couple of months ago. They were attacked in their home one Monday morning at 3 am. After about
a 20 minute stand off, they were lucky to drive their attackers out of their house, without injury.

About two weeks later, the dogs barked at night and Ken walked into a group of men outside his front door.
The leader, complete with army beret, stated that he would be coming back to kill them. After the second incident,
Ken decided to take time off from his business and to ensure that their plot is properly secured.

In another incident, Maurice Rosenberg was shot in the leg during an armed robbery in his home. He has
fortunately survived and is recovering. We wish them well. Some of us have been there.


Our deepest sympathy goes to Leonard Pearse and his family on the recent loss of his wife Jackie,
who had been battling through an extended illness, graceously fought. The same applies to Noeleen Redmond,
whose mother passed away recently.


Our congratulations go to Ashley Smith for being chosen as the best 1st Team player at his school.
Well done to you.

Neil and Tammy Bulley are expecting a baby in March next year!!


John & Colleen Bowe's niece, Vanora married Stephan on 14 March. Vanora had phoned John to ask
if they could use one of his cars as a Bridal Car, They originally asked for the Volvo, but when they arrived
and saw the Morris Pick Up, both of them said together that this is the car they wanted. Vanora arrived at
the church in the Morris (sitting in the front with John).

Dennis and Colleen Edgar’s daughter Denese and sister of our member Lauren, has always wanted his car to
be used as the bridal car for her wedding. After buying the car in 1996, Dennis began restoring it in 2001.
The car was stripped down to its underwear, sandblasted, repainted and finally re-assembled, with parts Denese
sourced in the UK; all only done with the help of an official workshop manual to guide him. The picture shows
the final result.


We are still looking for nominations for Vice Chairman, an assistant to the Treasurer and an assistant to the
Editor. Please folks, we need your assistance. Please nominate or find an accounting person and someone who
can assist the Editor to obtain the info required to update the magazine.


By now, you should have received a personal call or email from one of the Committee Members or your Buddy.
If this has not happened, please call Harry Meintjes to find out who should be communicating with you.


Unfortunately, those members who have not renewed their subs will not receive this or future magazines
until payment of R 170.00 has been confirmed.


If you move from your present address, or change your contact details in any way, PLEASE contact
Harry Meintjes on (011) 827 5168 (h) or (082) 420 5950 or email him on to advise your new

Carol de Goederen is the only person reported to have been overseas recently. We hope you had a good trip.


the following article has been submitted by Craig Stacey of a remarkable trip to join his wife Marj:

I think I have shown you the history Marj and I wrote covering our lives since we met in 1938 in London.
What I have shown below is an edited extract from our book covering the trip I made to meet Marj again after
14 years, in 1952. In the January, 2001 CAR Magazine, I had a similar story published and was given a good
reception. Charles Gardiner now has the ‘car’
and hopes to rebuild it with the help of Mike Del Frate.

I left Salisbury on Wednesday, 4th June in my Morris 8 Series E Open Tourer, being under way at about 6.00 am.
The little car was packed with all my worldly goods protected from the weather by a canvas tonneau cover over
the passenger seat. This trip would involve 1,640 miles (2,625 kilometres) of travel over a variety of road
surfaces from 'strip roads' in Rhodesia to gravel roads in the Northern Transvaal to mainly tarred roads from
Pretoria southwards to Cape Town. The ultimate total cost of the petrol and oil used on the trip was roughly
five pounds (R10,00), petrol costing 3/4d or 33c per gallon.

Not long after leaving Salisbury in the dark, the car ammeter suddenly went from positive to full negative.
Despite the problem, I had to use the headlights for a while, but switched to parking lights as soon as I could.
My heart sank. Having just set out, I was already in trouble. I did a quick check but found nothing disconnected,
so decided to continue now that lights were no longer necessary. After some 200 kilometres I reached Mvuma and
stopped for petrol and advice. I was referred to the local electrician. I removed the generator from the car
and we discovered that the front bearing had collapsed. By a miracle, out of a drawer containing everything
bar the kitchen sink, he produced the correct ball-bearing. The generator was fixed and I was on my way.
I had no further mechanical or electrical faults for the rest of the trip.
I did 600 kms to Beit Bridge on the first and very wet day and 560 kms to Johannesburg on the next and once
again very wet day. My sports car had no front mudguards and no windscreen wiper - as a consequence, I had to
drive with the windscreen down throughout the journey largely on wet gravel roads. The picture tells the full

I was on the road for two more days, stopping overnight at the Commercial Hotel in Philippolis in the southern
Free State, having driven just over 600 kms. It was winter. It was COLD. Next day, after a freezing drive
through the Karoo in my open car, having driven 750 kms, I arrived at our Plumstead home at 8.30 on Saturday
evening, 7th June. I announced my arrival by knocking the car's silencer off, the result of hitting the gate-stop
in the middle of the drive.
(Thanks to Craig Stacey)


As promised, Les McLeod has sent us the following article on his sojourn to Cape Town to collect a ‘58 Chevy
and his subsequent participation in the Milligan Tour.

I bought the 1957 four door saloon from Club member John Lawton in June of 2008 and subsequently drove it very
little, as its motor was tired and it was very slow. Then we suddenly decided to do the Milligan in it,
entered and were accepted. Now the rush was on to overhaul the motor and gearbox!

The only way I could speed up the process was to "split” the business with the engine being done by Louis
Bezuidenhout and the gearbox by Dave Smith. The head was too badly cracked to be repaired and luckily I
have a Mini 1000 that I am restoring, so off came its head and it was bored to allow 65 mm Mini pistons to be

One week before we left, I got the Morris back and then had to do 500 miles at 60 kph before we were able to have
the head torqued !! And then another 500 miles at 70 kph maximum. I did as many kms as possible over the weekend
and Marleen then drove it up and down the highways from early to late each day until we had almost reached the magical 1000 miles.

We set off at lunchtime on Wednesday the 3rd of June with a very heavily laden Minor!! Myself, Marleen,
my granddaughter of 3 and Foxie the dog plus luggage for my 16 year old son who was to join us in PE for the
return trip. Our aim was Colesberg and the following day Cape Town, to collect a 1958 Chevy V8 I had bought.
All went well and I was surprised that we managed to make it to Bloemfontein on a single tank!!
Just before Bloem, we heard a couple of mechanical "clonkings” from the suspension and then no more.
Refilled and off to Colesberg – or so we thought! Twenty miles out, the left front suspension let go and the
wheel folded under the bodywork and the A- arm slid along the tar for about 400 meters before we stopped.
A call to Louis, the engine rebuilder, advising him of the damages and he very kindly called Dave Smith who had
the parts for his own vehicle he is restoring. Louis collected from Dave and drove to Bloemfontein and met us
at our B@B where the lowbed had deposited us.

The repair then proceeded!! Have any of you ever spent 4 hours lying on bricks under a car in Bloemfontein in June.
My advice is don’t! We finished the job at 3.15 a.m. The next morning I bought a new coil, as mine had
boiled due to the flicker lights being on to warn the traffic, and also to grease the "new” suspension.
We left Bloemfontein 6 hours later than we would have left Colesberg, so it was then a quicker than somewhat
dash to play catch up and keep my Cape Town and Franschhoek appointments. We made it to Laingsberg that evening
and spent a lovely evening there, having had a wonderful supper at a local hotel. We filled up in
Richmond, 403 kms and then in Laingsberg, 376 kms further on. The Minor performed beautifully.

We reached Cape town in pouring rain and collected the Chevy, moved on to Franschhoek for a lunch with Eric
Ackroyd, of Mini 1000 and Odyssey fame and Dave Botha the Chairman of the Peugeot SA motor club. We had
caught up!! Marleen drove the Minor from Cape Town to PE and back to Johannesburg and I drove the Chevy.

To those of you who are not aware of what the Odyssey is, it is a collection of petrol heads who go to Nairobi
and back every 2 years in old cars to participate in the Nairobi concours. The trip is about 12 000 ks long
over some atrocious roads. Eric Ackroyd did an amazing job in his Mini with 10” wheels. I drove a Peugeot 404,
which was judged the best overseas entrant and 2nd in our category and hence the meeting for lunch with Dawid and
Eric. The Franschhoek Museum is well worth a visit, as the exhibits are all beautifully restored. After a good
lunch and too many beers, we set off on the inland route via Barrydale towards PE. We slept over in Calitzdorp,
a quaint and interesting town.

The next day, Saturday, we drove through to PE feeling refreshed after a deserved long sleep. Once again it was
raining. We stopped off in Sedgefield to visit Sherry Renfield’s wonderful historic car sales business and then
the usual places of interest such as the Storm’s River Bridge.

On the Sunday we had the cars scrutineered at the EPVCC venue. Monday to Thursday we rallied the Minor,
doing about 250 kms per day. There were 5 other Minors on the event, including a low light convertible in black.
Really stunning. We had a fantastic week with all the old faces we had not seen for four years.
We did not do at all well and placed 34th out of 70 entrants. My son had flown in and enjoyed the prize giving
dinner with us.

The next number of days were spent meandering through a number of very interesting Karoo dorpies including
Hogsback. Well worth doing this! The Morris was riding light at this point as all the baggage was swallowed
by the Chevy’s vast boot. I must say that we all respect the Minor’s abilities, as it was a tough trip over some
very heavy passes and apart from the suspension problem on day 1, there were no other problems at all.
I was thinking of selling it upon our return, but have had very different views from the family – so she will

Statistically, she consumed 6,7 litres per 100 kms over 4 704 kilometres. Better than I expected.

(Thanks to Les McLeod)


With reference to the photograph on the cover of this magazine, the next feature comes from our old members,
Neville, Laura and Stacey Josman who have emigrated to Brisbane in Australia.

Stacey has got a new - her own new Morrie, known as the "Gabi Morris"!! Stacey has always been fascinated by
the split screen (like John's one) and she has now got a 1955 split screen 4 door with a 1 000 running gearbox,
engine and diff. Gabi is our first Australian Morris. She is a very proud owner and Gabi's 'grandpa'
is going to do odds and ends to get it to his standard. She has new tyres and is in very good running order.

Having been involved in the restoration of our Morris, Stacey has always wanted to have one of her own
and now she has one.

How about sharing some of your "Morris Experiences” with members by relating your stories?


The following Minors are at Mike Del Frate’s workshop in Benoni.

Janet Mathews has abandoned the project to refurbish her Minor.

The upholstery has been completed and the rest going along slowly on Karol & Pauline Jarozynski’s Minor.
Mike has had to buy 3 scrap cars to get this job finished.

Marius van Tubbergh’s lighter British Racing Green ‘57 2 dr 1000 is in for body restoration and mechanical work.
It has been resprayed and the work is 90% done.

Dave Taylor of White River has brought in his 2 dr ‘60 light blue Minor for a total refurb. It had been butchered
by the previous owner, but is being returned to its original state.

Mike has finished the work on the ’64 Fiat 2.3 and ’67 Studebaker Daytona, as well as on an Alfa Romeo.

Charles Gardiner’s Morris 8 Series E Open Tourer, which is featured in Craig Stacey’s story, is still at Mike’s
place. Charles is busy working on his Pick Up.

Tommy Smith is still busy restoring his Clipper blue Morris- the chassis has been restored, the new chassis legs
have been resprayed, all suspension parts repainted and the bolts and nuts cadmium plated. The suspension has
been refitted to car. All paint has been removed and sent to the panel shop for a respray. You should see the
photo of the nuts and bolts. I hope he remembers which ones go where!

Work on Aldo Marcon's Dark Green ‘57 Morris "1000’” 4 door is in the final stages.
John Webb is waiting for the woodwork to be completed for his Traveller.
Terence Redmond is 90 % through with the project to restore his Convertible.

Ronnie Toerien’s 1951 Minor Series MM 4-door has been sold to Johan van Niekerk. Let’s hope Johan
joins the Club.

Chris Grant is restoring a 1967 Alfa Romeo.

Tommy has photos of a guy who has fitted a Morris Minor engine to a motorbike. Some people’s children???!!!!!


"You meet the nicest people in a Morris Minor!”


At the Cullinan Minor Steam Run in March this year, Sharon Cloete made little wooden trains which were
mounted onto wooden blocks. Only a few of them had smoke coming from the funnel. If you have such an example,
please contact her on 084 981 3222. She would like to make a copy of it and she will return yours to you.


A winter’s day in Pretoria is still quite pleasant and made more so by sharing an outing with friends.
Whilst not present for the morning bowls, we just made it in time for a very well prepared lunch.

Our thanks go to Paul and Sara Harper for arranging this annual activity. The members of the bowling club made
a special effort to make it an enjoyable outing and our heartfelt thanks go to them and those helping in the
kitchen and bar for making it a day to remember. So many of our members enjoy the fun on the bowling greens and
I am sure most of those attending can’t wait for next year to come around.

We were even fortunate enough to have more games in the afternoon and I was able to play my first game of bowls.
Charlie’s Angels pitched up with a set of bowls which had been given to them by an elderly friend.
They are now hooked on the game and intend joining a local club in Johannesburg.

Those members who don’t make the effort to attend the outings miss out on very pleasant occasions.


Proof again of what a special group of people we have in our Club. 20 Morris' and 4 modern tin vehicles
attended an outing at Lorna and Albert van Heerden’s really top class estate, where they and the estate went
out of their way to welcome us. We were especially grateful to be given the use of a large lapa.

Lorna and Albert were one of the potjie suppliers, plus a big pot of pap, crunchies and muffins, Additionally,
our thanks go to Sharon and Tommy Smith, Sara and Paul Harper, Colleen and John Bowes, Charles Gardiner, a
nd Norma and Mike Del Frate for their fantastic potjies. They really were something else and they gave us a
splendid feast with little fanfare. Thank you all so very much for your efforts. We all had more than enough
to eat.

Andre and Loraine Beetge joined us for the first time and we look forward to their participation at our outings.
(Thanks to Rusty)


As has become the custom, this prestigious gathering of motor clubs was again presented by the Pretoria
Old Motor Club on 2nd August 2009 at Zwartkops Raceway. Clubs could erect their own banners and shade etc to
promote or advertise their clubs and sell their club memorabilia.

Members of the public flocked to the event to witness all the different motoring marques on display and have a
fun filled day. There were numerous food stalls, beer tents, and people selling motoring memorabilia and they
had live music, hospitality areas, a clown show, steam tractor rides, model cars and much more to make this a
fun outing for the whole family.

Our Club had its own area to display our cars. Although some of the members were present for the day, many of
the wives stayed at home as they are not attracted to such events. That is why it was not featured as one of
our monthly events.

Of interest to some, the POMC has announced that after a long 4 year process, it has been successful in
Trademarking the "Cars in the Park” name.


I took Lawrie Bartle with me to attend this outing, which had a huge display of Minis, both the old BMC /
Leyland / Rover models and the modern BMW types. There were 457 officially numbered Minis at Zwartkops,
although a few more arrived later.

I was a bit taken aback by the number of radically modified older Minis there. Virtually every one was sporting
a 1275 cc engine (at least). Some had Toyota Twin Cam motors and many were turbocharged. Most had mag wheels and
many had some very unoriginal paint jobs! It is really amazing what owners will do!

It was nice to see the odd unmodified Mini, even if one had to look hard to find them! There were even a few of
the Mini-Cooper S Clubman (station wagon) models and some John Cooper "Works" Mini-Cooper Ss, at R300 000 plus
each. These prove that there are a lot of "well-heeled" guys out there!

Lawrie and I left before lunch, but we met some MMOC members there. These included John Bowes and Gary Dodds.
Charles Gardiner was there in his Mini-Moke, Frederick Wilson had his Mini (Cooper??) and Theo van Niekerk was
out in his newly purchased (very original) yellow-beige Mini 1100.
(Thanks to Chris Spinks)


After numerous attempts to find a suitable venue, Rusty suddenly remembered a place he had visited last month.
It was Al Fresco’s restaurant, which is situated on Beyers Naude Drive, a short distance from Garden World,
which we visited last year. It is a very nice place to visit, with large grounds and sufficient parking for
us to display our Minors. The food was a la carte and well suited to most tastes.

It was so good to meet up with members who have not graced us with their presence in the past. Leonard Pearse
and his son Denzel and family joined us for the first time. Francois Burger came along with his daughter from
Pretoria and Brendon Vally arrived with a friend. Andre and Loraine Beetge showed up for their second outing in
a row, along with quit a few members who have joined the Club recently and who have made it to a number of our
recent outings. That is so encouraging to see. The members stayed on well into the afternoon in pleasant

There were 20 Minors on display and a number of other members in modern tin. John Bowes arrived in his D Type
Jaguar with friends Phil, resplendent in his Morris Minor rally shirt and Janet Holgate from the Lancia Club.
They attended in a 1964 2 door Lancia Flavia.

Francois Burger of Pretoria says that he was fortunate enough to acquire three Minors in one go, which prompted
him to join the Club. He arrived in a pastel blue ’57 4 door. He also has a ’58 Panel Van which is under
restoration and a beige 1098 cc ’63 2 door saloon.



Our MMOC Committee extends to all members and their families and friends, a cordial invitation to attend all
our outings, especially driving your Morris Minor!

If your minor is under repair, please join us at our outings in "modern tin” instead of staying at home. We
would love to see you there.

Dates have been provisionally set aside for our Club outings, but inevitably some last minute changes might
have to be made. If this happens, our Events Co-ordinator, Rusty Clover, will try his best to contact members.
Please contact Rusty on (012) 347 8291 (h) or 083 264 6240, or Alex Berry on 072 446 9736, or one of our Committee
members before the outings, to make 100% sure of the details.

Our Planned MMOC Outings for the next few months are as follows:

Sun. 27 Sep – Parktown Heritage Tour
Sat. 10 Oct – Car Inspection at Mike’s Auto Panel & Paint Benoni
30, 31 Oct & 1 Nov – Weekend away to Badplaas near Barberton
Sun. 6 Dec – End of Year Function (Spit braai lunch)
Sun 21 Mar-25 Mar 2010 National Rally at Goudini Spa, Worcester in W Cape


Sat. 19 Sep - SAVVA AGM at VVC
Thu. 24 Sep - Benoni Heritage Vehicle & Engine Club Amazing Race
24 - 25 Sep - Golden Gate Rondezvous Tour (OFS VCC)
Sun. 27 Sep – Blairgowrie Toy Collector’s Fair
Wed. 21 Oct – Model Cars Swop Meet Italian Club Edenvale
Sun. 25 Oct - Smuts House Wheels Day (Studebaker Car Club)
12 to 14 Nov - SAVVA National Tour with Fairest Cape Motor Cycle Tour at Goudini Spa, Worcester
Wed. 2 Dec – Cape Model Toy Fair Fish Hoek


Sun. 20 Sep - National Swop Meeting
Sun. 18 Oct - Motoring Memories (old Cars in the Park)
Sun. 15 Nov – Club Meet German & Continental
Sat. 28 Nov – Annual Christmas Tree


Sat. 10 Oct at 14H00 Sun. 8 Nov at 14H00


Well, by the time you read this, we will only be six months away from a much anticipated National Rally
to be held at the Goudini Spa near Worcester in the Western Cape.

The purpose of this text is to set the record straight regarding the cost for delegates attending the rally
and includes information on children and the ruling regarding day visitors.

The Rally Committee has negotiated the best possible deal with the management at Goudini. This amounts
to R 1 800.00 per delegate, including children. This works out at approximately R 450.00 per day per delegate.
The R 1 800.00 includes the following :
Your accommodation, all meals, a golf shirt, all fun runs and the evening events in the auditorium at Goudini.
Those persons staying outside Goudini Spa will regrettably be treated as day visitors. Day visitors do not form
part of the rally as such, but are welcome to meet us outside the entrance to Goudini Spa and join us for the daily events. These day visitors must pay for their own lunch when we are on the outings. Unfortunately, day visitors will not be able to attend the evening functions in the auditorium at Goudini Spa.


Please forward all entry forms to our reservations officer, Cristina Jones at or
post to Morris Minor Owners’ Club, P.O. Box 38074, PINELANDS, 7430 or phone Cristina on (home / fax) 021 591-2510
(c) 084 774 4660.


A year ago, Albert van Heerden put in a monumental effort to raise funds for the National Rally held in
van der Bijl Park. As a result of this, we were able to give each person attending the Rally a fantastic time.

Chris Grant has been tasked with finding sponsors to help members with sponsorship to the Goudini Spa Rally,
as the cost will be significant for most members. You are asked to pass on any information or suggestions to
Chris regarding possible sponsorship. You can contact him on or call him on 074 181 8174.


Any opinions and suggestions presented in our MMOC magazine "Minor Headlines” do not necessarily reflect the
views of the Editor or the MMOC Committee. Each reader is requested to weigh up for themselves the pros and
cons of the material presented and to make their own educated decisions thereafter. We cannot hold ourselves
responsible in any way for the consequences of these suggestions. This applies in particular to the Minor
Helpline below and any other information or suggestions in the magazine. The names of the listed service
providers have been forwarded by various members or contacts who have had good experiences with the service


The problems we have had during the last few months on our website have hopefully been addressed and Frederick
is frantically trying to update the info from the last magazine and then this one will follow. Our apologies for
this, but it was caused by a misunderstanding of the input process. Please contact our Website Master, Frederick
Wilson at if you have any suggestions for the website.


We had 608 unique visitors who visited our website 896 times in Oct 2009
608 unique visitors who visited our website 871 times in Nov 2009 ,
486 unique visitors who visited our website 890 times in Dec 2009 and
548 unique visitors who visited our website 955 times in Jan 2010.

Those are quite impressive stats, so please take the trouble to assist Chris in his endeavours to obtain sponsorship
for the Club through advertising in the magazine and/or the website. You can contact Chris Grant on


It seems as if the message is getting across to members and prospective members that the details reflected under
the bonnet are of great significance in determining the history of your Minor. Please will you ensure that the
information provided on your renewal of membership form CLEARLY indicates what Minors you own. Chris Spinks’
database has grown from 674 to 680 Morris Minors in South Africa since the last edition.

For those reading this message, if you are not a member for any reason, kindly advise the details of your Minor
for the national database. If you do not have Chris Spinks’ e-mail address, please forward the info to
Harry Meintjes, the Membership Manager on or and this will be passed on
to Chris.


To show their gratitude to our members who so graciously give donations to them Cotlands has sent a number of
letters to the Club thanking us for our contributions. Please give bottles of Purity baby food, cash or other
items to John Bedford at our outings for this worthy cause.


An E-mailed Holiday Greeting to Everyone

In case I am too late for the December issue, I wanted to send some sort of holiday greeting to my friends,
but it is so difficult in today's world to know exactly what to say without offending someone. So I met with
my attorney yesterday, and on his advice I wish to say the following:

Please accept with no obligation, implied or implicit, my best wishes for an environmentally conscious,
socially responsible, low stress, non-addictive, gender neutral celebration of the summer solstice holiday,
practiced with the most enjoyable traditions of religious persuasion or secular practices of your choice with
respect for the religious/secular persuasions and/or traditions of others, or their choice not to practice
religious or secular traditions at all.

I also wish you a fiscally successful, personally fulfilling and medically uncomplicated recognition of the
onset of the generally accepted calendar year 2010, but not without due respect for the calendars of choice of
other cultures whose contributions to society have helped make our country great (not to imply that South Africa
is necessarily greater than any other country) and without regard to the race, creed, colour, age,
physical ability, religious faith or sexual preference of the wishee.

By accepting this greeting, you are accepting these terms:

This greeting is subject to clarification or withdrawal. It is freely transferable with no alteration
to the original greeting. It implies no promise by the wisher to actually implement any of the wishes
for her/himself or others and is void where prohibited by law, and is revocable at the sole discretion
of the wisher. This wish is warranted to perform as expected within the usual application of good tidings
for a period of one year or until the issuance of a subsequent holiday greeting, whichever comes first, and
warranty is limited to replacement of this wish or issuance of a new wish at the sole discretion of the wisher.
Disclaimer: If this had reached you by email, I should state that no trees were harmed in the sending of this
message; however, a significant number of electrons were slightly inconvenienced.

Overheard at a sports function the other day and because it has some relevance to motor vehicles, the
question was posed that if in sport, men wear athletic supports or as they are commonly called "jockstraps”,
then shouldn’t women wear fan belts?

We look forward to seeing you at all of our outings.

Yours in a Morris,

Clive Surtees (Editor)